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15 DIY Simple Mehendi Designs of 2023

by Nisha Garg
Simple Mehendi Designs

In India, festivities arise with Henna in Hand for women. Mehendi, also known as henna, is an art form that has been practiced for centuries, originating in ancient India and spreading across various cultures around the world. The beautiful patterns and designs created with mehendi on the hands have become synonymous with celebrations, rituals, and traditions.

The paste, made from finely ground henna leaves, is applied on the skin, usually hands using cones or brushes. It is left to dry, and as the color deepens, the anticipation builds. Once the paste is gently removed, the rich, reddish-brown stain is revealed, gradually darkening over the next few days, leaving behind a beautiful temporary tattoo that can last for weeks. So you must avoid risking it by making any vague pattern. You should draw something that looks beautiful and is also easy to make.

DIY Simple Mehendi Designs

We have curated a list of 15 Simple Mehendi designs for girls with video tutorials that are easy to make and look absolutely stunning

1. N-Alphabet Simple Mehendi Design

N-Alphabet Simple Mehendi Design

Mehendi holds immense cultural significance in many traditions and ceremonies. So, here is one of my favourite and new simple Mehendi design to celebrate your culture. This design starts with an N alphabet in the middle of the hand. It is an arabic design that looks stunning.

2. Easiest Floral Arabic Mehendi

Easiest Floral Arabic Mehendi

Henna symbolizes joy and love. The Arabic henna designs look very pretty in hand. This design can be created very easily even by a beginner in a very short time. You can practice it on a paper before drawing on the hand. Start with a big circle in the middle of the palm and go forward as seen in the video.

3. S-Alphabet Easy & Simple Mehendi Design

S-Alphabet Easy & Simple Mehendi Design

The intricate patterns of Henna are believed to bring blessings and good fortune to the women. This Mehendi design is one of such simple designs for beginners. It is an Arabic design that looks cleans and beautiful in hands. Even if you are a beginner, this design will not take more than half an hour to get created.

4. Easy Full Hand Mehandi Design

Easy Full Hand Mehandi Design

Mehendi is an integral part of festivals and religious occasions, where it signifies joy, celebration, and the auspiciousness of the event. This Mehendi design is one of the most used ones, that will fill your hand in no time. Draw dots with a pen on your hand before starting with the design. Many brides prefer this design on the backside of their hand, because it definitely looks fulfilling, beautiful and easy.

5. Easy Backhand Mehendi Design

Easy Backhand Mehendi Design

From delicate floral patterns to intricate geometric shapes, this designs reflect the rich heritage and artistic sensibilities. With step-by-step instructions in the given video, this mehendi design becomes so easy. It will look very beautiful on your hands. It is a simple back side mehndi design, but can also be applied in front and your foot as well.

6. Easy Mehendi Designs with 1234567 numbers

Easy Mehendi Designs with 1234567 numbers

If you are a beginner at mehendi, you can surely start with numbers. Just draw 1 to 7 numbers on your hand and start the design. This Arabic mehendi design is a timeless charm that look chic and pretty in hands.

7. Simple Mehendi Design with just ‘2’

Simple Mehendi Design with just ‘2’

With just 2s in Hand, you can make a very easy and beautiful back hand simple mehndi design. This design looks very pretty on the back of the hand and takes very less time. One of the most captivating aspects of this Mehendi design is its versatility and the creative freedom it offers.

8. Mehendi Design with X

Mehendi Design with X

Skilled artists can create intricate patterns and designs that adorn our hands, but this easy mehendi design can even be made by a beginner. It is great for the women who like full hand and minimal mehendi in their hands. This is very easy to make and do not take much time as well. Start by drawing a big X in your hand, that divides your palm in four sections, and then proceed as shown in the video.

9. Easy Minimalistic Mehendi Design

Easy Minimalistic Mehendi Design

This design blends traditional motifs with contemporary elements. It is one of easy Alphabet mehendi design that looks chic, minimalistic and pretty in hands. Start by drawing Ps vertically in a series in your hand. Then proceed with the design as seen in the video. This takes very less time and even a beginner can make it.

10. Easy Full Hand Mehendi Design

Easy Full Hand Mehendi Design

Full hand mehendi designs are considered to be difficult, but this one is not. You can start dividing your hand into different sections as shown in the video with the help of a pen. Then start drawing in those sections, and your full hand will be covered beautifully in no time.

11. M-Alphabet Easy Mehendi Design

M-Alphabet Easy Mehendi Design

The application of Mehendi is not merely an art form but also a ritualistic process. You can start this design with drawing M alphabet in the middle of your palm and then follow the easy steps and fill your hand with beautiful henna. This is also an Arabic mehndi design for front hand and is simple.

12. Fastest Mehendi Design with Tape

Fastest Mehendi Design with Tape

This is one of the most unique mehendi designs, that is very easy and quick. You can create this design even without mehendi cone. Start by pasting tape diagonally in a pattern. Spread the mehendi in between. Use a fork to draw half circular patterns. Then remove the tape and draw any pattern of your choice in the space. Anyone can make this easy design.

13. 333 Easy and Simple Mehendi Design

333 Easy and Simple Mehendi Design

333 Easy and Simple Mehendi Design

Mehendi is an art form that serves as a bridge between generations, keeping cultural heritage alive through its captivating designs. This is one such design and to start draw three big 3s in the middle of your palm and make hearts of it. This is a beautiful Arabic design and if your hand is small, this design can fill your whole hand beautifully.

14. 303030 Easy Mehendi Design

303030 Easy Mehendi Design

This is one of the quick, easy and a minimalist design that will look great on both sides of the hand. Start by drawing three 30s in your hand, places at a distance from each other. Then, complete the design as seen in the video. This mehendi design is good for small occasions and festivals like Rakshabandhan.

Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q6SDx8FAvk


15. Easy Full Hand Mehendi Design

Easy Full Hand Mehendi Design

Easy Full Hand Mehendi Design

This is a full hand design that looks minimal and chic at the same time. It can also be used as simple foot mehndi design. Start by drawing a series of 6 in the middle of your hand and complete the design as shown in the video. This design is very easy to make.


Mehendi designs, with their rich cultural significance, intricate motifs, and creative possibilities, hold a special place in our hearts. They celebrate the beauty of tradition and offer a unique form of self-expression. Whether it’s the joyous occasion of a wedding, a festive celebration, or simply an appreciation for artistic expression, Mehendi continues to captivate people around the world. Let us embrace this timeless tradition and cherish the mesmerizing beauty of Mehendi designs, connecting us to our roots and celebrating the richness of our diverse cultures.

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